• Are used for highly accurate conductivity, salinity, TDS and temperature measurements. 
• CPC-401 additionally measures pH and ORP (mV).
• Two kinds of power sources 9V battery or 9V power adapter enable work in the field and long-lasting measurements in the laboratory.
• The whole measuring range enables measurements both of ultra pure water and salines.
• Calibration by introducing the constant K in range   0.01 ÷ 19.999 or in buffer solution.
• Storing of 3 const. K of the Cells which cover whole range and 3 pH electrodes characteristics (CPC).
• wide range of  a coefficient  0 10% / °C.
• Counting the salinity on the basis of real characteristics, what greatly increases the accuracy.
• Possibility of counting the TDS by introducing the TDS coefficient in range 0.2  1.0.
• The characteristic features of pH function in CPC-401 identical like in CP-401 pH meter.
• Automatic or manual Temperature Compensation.
• Possibility of electric admittance measurement of tree scions (after purchasing special sensor).
• Both models have internal clock with date.
• Internal datalogger enables storing of 200 measurements taken as single or series with time, temperature and date. 
• RS-232 output for connecting with a PC by or with a standard printer by special interface. 
• 24 months warranty for the meter 12 for electrodes.
• The conductivity meter CC-401 was awarded with a golden medal on international fairs EUROLAB 2001.
Declaration of Conformity (CC-401)
Declaration of Conformity (CPC-401)

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