• CO-402 is used for oxygen dissolwed in water measurements in % or mg/l of saturation and temperature 
• The meter is used for measurements in water where oxygen level was reduced to minimal values ex. in water purification processes, energetics, chemical laboratories and scientific researches 
• The accuracy of measurement is comparable with other more expensive methods 
• The measuring set contains CO-402 meter and oxygen sensor with special flow vessel 
• The meter is powered by battery or power adapter 
• Large LCD display make working easier 
• Automatic or manual temperature compensation 
• Internal datalogger enables collecting up to 200 single or series of results with temperature, time, and data 
• Optionally 450 or 950 results 
• The results and calibration parameters are stored in nonvolatile memory 
• There is possibility to connect the meter with a PC by RS-232 output or with standard printer using a special interface 
• As option rechargeable battery available 
• Waterproof housing enables work in difficult conditions 
• Sensor calibration: 2 points 0% and 100% O2 
• Reaction time:< 30 s 
Flow vessel parameters:
• Indicated flow: 30 l / h 
• Maximal pressure: 0,1 MPa 
• Maximal temperature: + 60°C (+ 40°C with oxygen sensor) 
• Connections: 8, 10, or 12 mm 
• Size (outer diameter x length): 60 mm x 150 mm 

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