• Are used for accuracy controlling of the pH-meters and finding false indications.
•  In case of errors enables checking weather the problem is connected with the meter or the electrode.
• They simulate voltage which is created by an ideal pH electrode.
• Enable checking weather the input impedance of the pH-meter is sufficient for cooperating with every electrode.
• As standard the simulators may be connected with all meters equipped with BNC-50 connector, it is also possible to use converters to other types of connectors.
  small portable waterproof simulator powered with batteries, 
   -     simulates 3 values: 4.00 pH, 7.00 pH and 10.00 pH in 20 °C temperature, 
   -     very easy in use.
CSP 501:      
  laboratory pH, mV and temperature simulator,
   -     very high accuracy,
   -     simulates freely chosen pH value in chosen temperature,
   -     enables checking weather the temperature compensation is correct,
   -     system of  + / - buttons enables fast and accurate setting of the required values,
   -     may store 8 values of both pH and mV which are most often used for control.
Declaration of Conformity (CSP-501)


  - Manual CSP-101  - Manual CSP-501   - Czech version

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