• High accuracy and repeatability benchtop meters, powered by 9V power adapter.
• In one meter all functions of pH meters, conductivity meters and oxygen meters of series 500 were included.
• Models are equipped with 60 mm thermal printer. 
• The meters enable:
   - accurate pH measurements in the whole measuring range (accuracy 0.002 pH), 
   - precise ORP (redox) measurements (accuracy 0.1 mV),
   - possibility of conductivity measurements of both ultra pure water and thick salines,
   - accurate conversion of the conductivity to the salinity in NaCl or KCl according to real characteristics,
   - counting the TDS from the conductivity measurement,
   - atmospheric pressure measurement,
   - oxygen concentration measurement with automatic counting of atmospheric pressure and salinity influence,
• RS-232 output for a  PC and Centronics for standard printer.
• Collecting up to 200 results taken in series or single with temperature, time and date in internal datalogger, sending the data to a PC or printing on internal (models 502) or standard printer. 
• Unification of the operating in all measuring functions make working trouble free. 
• 24 months of warranty for the meter.
Declaration of Conformity CX-502

   - Manual   - Czech version

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