• High accuracy and repeatability benchtop meter, powered by 12V power adapter.
• In one meter all functions of pH meters, conductivity meters and oxygen meters of series 500 are included.
• The CX-505 measures the pH, redox potential (mV, ORP), conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen in % of saturation or mg/l, atmospheric pressure and temperature.
• Meter is equipped with large easy-to-read backlight LCD display with brightness control.
• Unification of the operating in all measuring functions makes working trouble free.
In the pH measuring function:
• Depending on the kind of used electrode possibility of measurements in clean water, sewage soil, etc.
• Calibration: 1÷5 points.
• Memory of 3 electrodes characteristics makes changing them easy.
• Automatic buffers detection, their value may be changed by the user.
• Automatic correction of the temperature influence on sample solution (NIST) value.
• Automatic checking of the condition of electrode’s membrane.
• Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
• Precise ORP (redox) measurement (accuracy 0.1 mV).
• The pH and conductivity measurement circuits isolated one from another.
• Accurate pH measurement in the whole measuring range (accuracy 0.002 pH),
In the conductivity measuring mode:
• Thanks to a wide conductivity measuring range they may be used for both ultra pure water and very salty samples measurements.
• 6 subranges switched automatically.
• Calibration by entering the constant K in range 0.01÷19.999 or in sample solutions.
• Works with conductivity cells equipped with platinum electrodes.
• Storing of 3 constant K of cells which cover the whole measuring range.
• Wide range of α coefficient (0÷10% / °C).
• Possibility of changing the reference temperature.
• Counting the salinity according to real characteristics for NaCl and KCl, what greatly increases the accuracy.
• Possibility of defining the TDS with use of conductivity measurement by entering the TDS coefficient in range 0.2÷1.0.
In the dissolved oxygen measurement mode:
• Air pressure measurement with automatic counting of it’s influence on the oxygen measurement increases the accuracy and makes working easier.
• Automatic transfer of the salinity measured in the conductivity mode to the oxygen measurement mode with calculation of it’s influence on the oxygen content,
• 1 or 2 point oxygen sensor calibration. 
• Easy in use and maintenance galvanic oxygen sensor.
• Wide measuring range enables measurements in lakes  with blooming vegetation.
• Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
Other features:
• Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
• Internal clock with date.
• Internal datalogger enables storing of 950 measurements taken as single or series with time, temperature and date.
• The results and calibration data are stored in nonvolatile memory.
• wide range of temperature measurement (-50÷199°C).
• USB output for connecting with a PC.
• The meters meets the GLP requirements.
• 24 months warranty for the meter.

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