• The multifunction meter belongs to the newest generation of high accuracy, measuring  instruments. 
It is designed for the following measurements: 
1.                pH; 
2.                Oxidation Reduction Potential (mV - Redox);
3.                Ion Selective (ISM); 
4.                conductivity in S/cm or mS/cm;
5.                salinity converted to NaCl, KCl or TDS;
6.                dissolved oxygen in water in % of saturation or mg/l;
7.                atmospheric pressure in hPa; 
8.                temperature of solutions and air in 0C, 0F and 0K .
The CX-701 has additional function of semiautomatic potentiometric, conductometric and calorimetric titration with automatic determining of the significant values.
The meter enables simultaneous measurement of 5 functions with independent results observing on the screen.

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