Tloušťkoměr MG-105


      It is a pocket size meter which enables measurements of the nonmagnetic layer (lacquer, varnish, foil, plastic) laid on ferromagnetic surfaces (steel)
      It is recommended for checking weather the car was painted for the second time or the body was repaired after crash.
      Makes possible finding places where filler was laid and how thick it was done.
      It is possible to check weather the repairs were made in a correct way or the rough places were just filled.
      MG-105 is calibrated in real units, this allows the user to estimate the thickness of the varnish in mm.
      It is equipped with small display which enables accurate reading of measured varnish in mm. 
      The meter is ready to work without any preparation.
      Waterproof housing enables work even during rain.
      Automatic switch off function protects the batteries against discharging.
      The measurements are possible only on body made of steel.
      The users manual includes data about varnish thickness on typical cars and information about way of evaluating the quality of repairs.
      Warranty 24 months.


   - Manual doc   - Czech version

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