• Waterproof thermometer, enables accurate temperature measurement.
• Large LCD display makes working easier.
• Replaceable temperature sensors.
• Depending on the requirements different kinds of sensor handle available.
• The probes are made of 3mm diameter stainless steel pipes. 
• The end of probe may be flat or sharp.
• Probes are offered with silicon or silicone in steel plating cables. 
• The probe may be additionally calibrated by the user.
• Possibility of entering parameters of the probe. 
• „HOLD” function freezes the result on the display. 
• The meter is battery or power adapter powered what enables work in the field or longlasting measurements in the laboratory.
• Automatic switch off function protects batteries against discharging.
• As option rechargeable battery available.
• Longlasting work on 1 battery.
• 24 months warranty for the meter.
Declaration of Conformity (PT-411)

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