• Measures relative humidity, air temperature, surface temperature and determines the Dew Point,
  what enables to decide weather in existing conditions painting of the surface is possible.
• The measurement is done with high accuracy HC-1000 capacity sensor.
• Large LCD enables for simultaneous readout of the humidity and temperature value.
•  Is equipped with real clck with date.
• Internal datalogger enables for storing up to 200 results taken in series or single with temperature, time and date.
• Thanks RS-232 output the meter may be connected with aPC or by a special interface with standard printer.
• Two kinds of power source – battery and power adapter enable work in the laboratory or in the field.
• Auto switch off function, with time set by the user to protect the battery against discharging.
• As option rechargeable battery available. 
• Warranty 24 months.
Prohlášení o shodě (PWT-401)/ Declaration of Conformity (PWT-401)

   - Manual doc (unavailable yet)   - Czech version

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